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This survey is part of the project named "DYNAVERSITY", funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Program. This initiative builds upon the survey already implemented in the context of the LINKAGE project (2017-2018) and aim at increasing the representativeness of central and eastern Europe in the data already collected. This survey aims to understand the interactions and synergies between germplasm banks and actors involved in on-farm conservation, participatory research and sustainable agricultural production (farmers, seed savers and their networks/organizations). More specifically, it aims at evaluating 1) the extent to which you are interested in accessing seeds stored in germplasm banks for direct use in their activities; 2) your experience with requesting seeds from ex situ institutions in the past; 3) your perspective on opportunities and challenges of obtaining seeds from ex situ collections for direct use in production or in on farm conservation and experimentation activities. Data will only be examined for trends and only aggregate findings will be reported. DYNAVERSITY is conducting a similar survey among curators of important ex situ germplasm collections in Europe. The answers to both surveys will be analyzed and the results will feed a discussion with a panel of experts gathered for three workshops scheduled between 2018 and 2020. These workshops will help identifying constraints and opportunities for better interactions and synergies between ex situ institutions and on-farm actors.